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  • All entries have been recommended or mentioned by members to their peers in search of film-friendly solutions to their projects on film, TV, theater, print and events. It is an ever-evolving tool generated organically and updated daily.


  • You can not be listed without a mention or recommendation from an ArtCube member or another valued source at the discretion of the moderators.  You may apply for a listing on the home page  - we will vet you via trusted sources and approve in 24 hours.


  • Once a business is mentioned, we add their details to the best of our ability.  We HIGHLY recommend you claim your profile and edit details and make sure we got it right!

Holy cow!  Why is upgrading and advertising so cheap?

Are you sitting down? We're not in it for the money. We have a philosphy of inclusivity, supporting indie makers, encouraging niche entrepreneurism and providing "no excuses - you can afford it" marketing opportunities. allows all vendors and businesses mentioned to be listed for free.

Our number one priority is to provide our ArtCube Nation members access to all resources that are Cube-approved.

Want to stand out? 

If you join ArtCubeNation as a business, you recieve a number of free categories! However, if you'd rather not get instant email updates about the wants and needs of ArtCube professionals, but want to shine on ArtCubePedia...

Just add more categories. Additional categories are only $5.00 per month!

  • All business members of ArtCubeNation recieve a special advertising offer at ridiculously affordable monthly price meant to be inclusive for all business marketing budgets.  
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What else should I know?

  • Bragging rights!  All listings get a "Cube Approved" logo at add to their website.


  • Special badges!  We have badges for Woman-Run, Earth-Friendly, Staff Fave, Cube Fave and ArtCube Discount badges we add to your lising.  Please contact us if you qualify and need a badge.


  • Request a category!  We can add new category in three seconds.  If you don't see a niche enough option request it and we'll make one just for you.


ArtCube Nation is a professional social network dedicated to the unique needs of freelance creatives and enterprises in film, print and events.  In real-time, ArtCube Nation connects its members to employment opportunities, businesses who can fulfill their project needs, community problem solving and material exchange. 

Wait... what's the difference between ArtCubeNation and ArtCubePedia?

Nation is the community and Pedia is the directory.  They require separate accounts. You can belong to either or boith. 

Is good for business?

YES! Want to know EXACTLY when a project needs your service?  Start at 30-day trial (actually, it's free in most areas) at and join any or all of our 94-city network around the world. You'll get instant updates from Cubers searching for your services or products.  The robust notification options keeps your email alerts relevant to you and will keep your finger on the pulse.  

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