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HiLT Projects is a fabrication studio in Brooklyn, NY. They offer
a wide range of services including custom set building, prop making, window displays, art fabrication and photo flat rentals.

342C Herzl St.

East New York, Brooklyn, New York 11212
United States

Cleared art rentals for advertising + entertainment: support your local artists.

The Collective
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67 West Street


Greenpoint, Brooklyn, New York 11222
United States

I am an artist currently working in the film industry. I have a background in sculpture and installation with a wide range of skills. I tend to work on a large scale with found materials/objects. Anything I do not know how to do I can learn.

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400 East 53rd St

Sutton Place, New York City, New York 10022
United States

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Artist/design/production assistant--I'm pretty crafty, can learn quickly and enjoy figuring out more efficient ways to get things done.

Bedford-Stuyvesant, New York City, New York 11233
United States

Fine finishing: Hot and cold patination, casting, chasing, mold making, wax work, wax finishing, lacquering.
Steel, iron, brass, copper, bronze, aluminum, silver, wood, foam, wax, resin, enamel, textiles, paint, ink, paper.

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Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York 11201
United States